Your dreams will guide the most beautiful day of your life

Be it an intimate or magnificent wedding, my work as a Wedding Planner always starts from your desires and from my ability to listen to them and turn them into reality, in an attempt to create a simple, yet superb and memorable project in keeping with your personality.

A ceremony on the beach at sunset, or perhaps in the countryside, surrounded by the scents of a vineyard. Or a celebration in a church, with decorations that respect and enhance its architectural features.

From the ceremony to the reception, from the floral decorations to choosing the right suppliers, from studying the space layout and the lighting of the venue to choosing the music and fireworks, from the wedding invitations to the wedding favours, and from the bride’s bouquet to the bridesmaids’ wristbands: every aspect revolves around the theme chosen by the bride and groom which becomes the life and soul of a wedding setting.