The floral arrangement represents the soul of your wedding.

First, one must consider the decoration of the Ceremony (church, town hall, beach, garden, etc..).

This decoration is very important, first because the wedding is celebrated in this very moment, second because it represents the first approach of the guests to the wedding atmosphere.

Allestimenti-florealiAt this stage, a perfect harmony of all elements is essential: the architectural style of churches and town halls, together with colours, lights and music.

Decorating a place for the ceremony does not simply mean placing the floral arrangements where they are usually placed – like little soldiers in a row – but, conversely, finding a balance between heights, sizes, shapes and colours.

allestimenti-floreali-wedding-sardiniaCreative or imaginative scenarios, or even austere environments will be equally decorated following a personal taste, having as its goal the creation of a suggestive and emotional result.

The reception is the jubilation of the wedding celebration and as such must be considered when choosing the floral arrangement.

This means creating a joyful and convivial atmosphere where space and lights are enhanced and guests have the opportunity to converse and have fun in an unusual setting.

To achieve this, as a wedding planner, I study the space, coordinating the different situations – welcome cocktail, appetizer buffet, table service, wedding cake, open bar – as a flower designer I design and create arrangements with flowers, fabrics, candles, structures that enhance the environment following the theme shared with the spouses, with balance and elegance.

My expertise lies in combining the wishes of the couple with the harmony of the environment for a result which is beautiful, elegant, refined and of great impact with a unique style: Yours.