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Destination wedding

The magic of an island with a millennial history, the mystery of wild places, the endless shades of the sea and sky. Rising in the heart of the Mediterranean, the entire island of Sardinia offers forever changing settings and an abundance of romantic locations: the perfect place for a Destination Wedding. Here you’ll find a

Heart in Sardinia

Nature has been generous with Sardinia: a land of enchantment and contrasts which enhance colours and sentiments. The perfect place to come together and celebrate the love of your life. Sunsets turning all shades from red to turquoise, fields of intensely scented Mediterranean scrub and soft dunes of endless golden sand. It’s a beauty without

Installations and Emotions

A harmonious and dynamic setting embraces the nuptial ceremony and welcomes its guests. A creative and balanced environment where every single detail will astonish and thrill. Threads of light interlace with soft fabrics, the gaze is lost in a dance of colours, flowers and crystal on the table. Marriage is a journey that starts from

Luxury, Elegance, Balance

Luxury is measured by the balancing of elements and the choice of original and creative solutions, where the quality of the materials, style and attention to detail merge to make an unforgettable wedding day  It’s not the quantity that makes quality, but sophisticated details and sober, elegant matching. In life as well as during a

All about Tradition

Religious weddings are still highly requested because of their solemn beauty and of their gestures and moments, which are always joyful and heart-warming.  The slow entrance down the aisle, the gazes following you all the way to the altar where the love of your life is waiting for you. Straight from the first steps, a

Details make the difference

The details in a ceremony reveal the care taken in choosing the right venue and weave the threads of the wedding theme you have chosen. They narrate the joy in receiving and sharing the unforgettable emotion of a special day with the people you love most Whether you choose a religious or civil ceremony, a