Wedding Stationery Sardinia

All the graphics and related design and print of any wedding invitations, Mass booklets, seating arrangement, menus, are made entirely from my company.

There is a wide selection of wedding invitations in the classic paper of Amalfi, Fabriano, Bristol, etc.; modern – made of rice paper and silk paper, or romantic – hand-painted in delicate tones or pastel colours. With printed initials or embossing.

Another prestigious creation are Mass booklets, customized in various sizes and colours, with the same wide choice of cards as for the invitations, not only original but extremely refined.

The menus are of great impact as well. These, according to my philosophy of decoration, complement the decor of the table. Wide choice of colours, shapes and decorations.

Finally, the seating arrangement. In tune with the theme of the wedding, the seating arrangement, as well as being extremely functional, is designed and manufactured to be used even after the reception. How? Once you see it, you will understand and appreciate it.

One final note for the signature books. Designed to collect the dedications and the thoughts of your guests, signature books can be created in perfect harmony of colour and style with the other aspects of the reception.

The fact that all this – floral arrangements, bonbonnieres, wedding invitations, menus, etc..- is designed, developed and produced by my company, without leaning on third-party suppliers, allows me to offer customers two major advantages.

First, the extremely advantageous price in view of the quality and exclusivity of the product.

Second, the opportunity – certainly not common – to make a synergistic connection between all individual aspects of the wedding, the kind of liaison that allows you to develop a themed wedding, whatever it is.

Visit my showroom, or contact me by e-mail, I will show you lots of photos of the many themed weddings I’ve made.