Wedding Settings

The creation of an event comes from the identification of a theme and passes through the elaboration of a project.

The ultimate goal is the creation of a setting – made ??of flowers, lights, tables properly set, etc. – which is the one thing that makes a permanent mark in everyone’s memory.

The creation of a setting for the Wedding Planner is the most difficult job; in this area her professionalism and ability to invent and create environments are put to a test.

Matching particulars, studying details, combining different elements, everything determines a perfect setting.

Sofas, colourful cushions, rugs, umbrellas, fabrics, candles, all combined in a balanced yet dynamic way, produces catching effects, simple yet elegant, glam yet chic, dedicated to the theme of the evening.

Scenografie-matrimonio-sardegna scenografie-wedding-sardiniaStyle … the real one is always in the details.