Wedding Planner Services


Any event from a wedding reception to a private party needs the food component.

The choice of a catering is essential and has to be made according to the type of event you want to create.

Every catering has its own characteristics related to culinary delights, the chef’s expertise, the equipment available (tablecloths, placemats, etc.,), the operational field, etc..

Considering that catering is the element that most affects the budget of a wedding, you will need to carefully evaluate every aspect, deepen the knowledge of every detail, critically assess the quality / price ratio.

I am able to provide food for thought and comparisons.

Mise en Place

The table is the centerpiece of a wedding reception.

Traditional or trendy, the table will need to be personalised.

Helping the spouses choosing a tablecloth, matching a set of dishes and glasses, finding the perfect decoration is up to the Wedding Planner, who, among all the different possibilities will identify the one more suitable to the taste of the spouses and to the fulfilment of their theme.

Round, imperial or squared table, all forms should be studied taking into account the environment and atmosphere you want to obtain.

The decoration and the choice of dishes and lights will follow accordingly.



Photo Video

A  fundamental aspect of every wedding reception – and generally of every kind of event – is the photo shoot.

The photo book, whether you prefer a traditional album or a book album, will remain forever to crystallize your images and moments.

The photographer must be in total connection with the bride and groom, only in this way he will be able to catch the highlights of the wedding.

The contribution of the Wedding Planner is important: if the technical capabilities of the photographer are unavoidable, it is equally true that every professional has his own style.

The Wedding Planner’s suggestion over a photographer rather than another arises from taking into account the harmony which might arise with the couple, the characteristics of the photographer, the needs and expectations of the spouses so that spontaneity can blend with elegance and refinement.


Hair Style & Make Up

Choosing a Hair Style Professional is indispensable for any bride who wants to enhance her beauty.

My partners – professional brides’ hairdressers – will create for you such hairstyles able to highlight your features and make you stylish without altering your appearance.

For a romantic style, a natural chignon decorated with flowers in tune with the bouquet;
for a contemporary style a short and mischievous haircut; for a sophisticated style, your hair will be tied up with games of intertwining and overlapping.

For a perfect result, a professional make-up is the most suitable answer.

The best professionals will be available for a “make-up and hairstyle” that brings out the most beautiful qualities of your face also in front of a camera.

I can offer you a reliable and dynamic team of entertainers who will take care of your kids’ fun.


The music and entertainment of an event contribute significantly to the success of a celebration.

I can suggest you the right music and entertainment!

Music groups, singers, choirs, orchestras, DJ’s and many other unique ideas for your music both in the church and at the reception.

So many different entertainment solutions for the perfect success of every event.