Wedding planner in Sardinia

Support for the couple can be customized on the basis of their needs.

Full Assistance

Assistance is complete.

Ideal for couples who do not have time to delve into the different aspects of their wedding and rely on a Wedding Planner for a complete support from the planning of the event to the planning of every practical aspect – arrival-departure dates, choice of accommodation, choice of headquarters of the ceremony, type of reception, transport, handling paperwork, organization of the party, etc..

E-mail and Skype will give a great help to communicate and evaluate the various proposals. Even from a distance the couple will participate in the organization of their wedding, comfortably… from home.


Partial support

A solution designed for those couples who have already chosen some aspects of the ceremony / reception and rely on the Wedding Planner for those details they cannot directly deal with. ?

For example, for a couple who has already decided the location of the ceremony but needs the location for the reception, the bureaucratic support and the development of all the other issues – floral arrangements, organization of the party, menu selection, etc.

Or again for a couple who needs help for only one specific aspect of the wedding – as the choice of the DJ or the transportation of guests.


Wedding day coordinator

It is the kind of support for those couples who have already planned and prepared every aspect but rely on the Wedding Planner to be supported on their wedding day.

Coordination of all practical aspects to ensure a perfect result, a solution to overcome any sudden problems.