Wedding on the beach – Tips on what to do

Some advice on what to do:

Decide a location for your wedding. There are plenty of places available in Sardinia. Some might prefer to get married in Cagliari, a classic place to get married or to Cala Luna between exotic beaches and wilderness.

But there are so many different places, here are some:

sposarsi in Costa Smeralda
sposarsi a Stintino
sposarsi a Porto Paglia
sposarsi a Carlo Forte
sposarsi in Costa Rey
sposarsi a Chia 

Get all the requirements to get married in an exclusive location like this. You’ll need to inform you on every detail, especially if you live in Italy and how to give legal status to marriage.

Learn about the cost of travel that you will need to do and that the wedding guests will have to do to get there and of course informal time.

Coordinate your wedding. This is very necessary, especially if you want to organize it on the beach in Sardinia. Who coordinates the marriage must make sure that everything runs smoothly before, during and after the wedding ceremony. Make sure that everything goes perfectly, for this selection a wedding planner with experience on site.

Keep your guests informed about the progress you’re making in the evolution of your organization and tell them as soon as possible on each small step forward towards you engage your Wedding at the Beach. Often to organize a wedding in the beach of a certain type you have to travel, so not too many people decide to take part in the end, this makes it very intimate!

Getting married on the beach is not everyone’s cup. If you do not regret anything, it is a unique moment!. We get married once. Let’s make it special.