Wedding Location

Once you have selected the place that will be the perfect frame to Your wedding, you can move to the next step – the selection of the locations for the ceremony and reception, lunch or dinner, whatever you decide.

It is clear that the choice is very wide; however, among all possibilities offered, you will find the combination that best meets your expectations.

The first support I can provide is the vision of a rich collection of photographs of weddings I have already made, which can be useful for an initial screening.

Among the different types of ceremony the most coveted is definitely the one on the beach.

Here the choice is immense, but the support of the Wedding Planner is essential: it will be necessary to assess the nature of the ceremony and its legal regime, seasonality, proximity to a covered space in the – rare but possible – case of adverse weather conditions, etc.. .

All necessary investigations for a serious, competent and professional approach so that nothing can disturb the success of the event.
Once the location for the ceremony has been chosen, it is necessary to select the location for the reception.

The offer in this case is very large, Your needs will certainly be met.

If you contact me, I can provide valuable assistance and guide you to the best choice