Wedding in Exclusive location

The success of a wedding depends on many factors, in particular on the setting and atmosphere that you manage to create, therefore, on the place that you choose for your reception.

The location should reflect the needs of the couple, but it must also be suitable to the guests in terms of accessibility, distance, warmth and comfort..
The traditional solution is a restaurant or a hotel which typically have large environments specifically designed to accommodate wedding receptions. The culture of wedding has evolved and, therefore, the general tendency now is to specialize in offering wedding receptions.
Even those hotels that host tourists in the summer season tend to reserve exclusive spaces for the wedding receptions to ensure absolute privacy and discretion which in these cases are a must.

Villas, beaches and historic homes are trendy and glamorous. Here the choice depends on many factors, such as the size of space, the possibility to host a reception even in the event of adverse weather conditions, allowed times for music, etc.

My experience, gained over many years of work, will be put at your service to evaluate together every aspect of the wedding offers.
My goal is to create an unusual environment for the spouses and their guests, where spaces, lights, furnishing and nature are greatly enhanced.

Creating a joyful and convivial atmosphere where you can chat, have fun and celebrate getting emotional is my specialty.