Luxury, Elegance, Balance

Luxury is measured by the balancing of elements and the choice of original and creative solutions, where the quality of the materials, style and attention to detail merge to make an unforgettable wedding day

 It’s not the quantity that makes quality, but sophisticated details and sober, elegant matching.

In life as well as during a nuptial ceremony, luxury flutters weightlessly, pervading the atmosphere and settling on the smallest details, creating a harmonious and memorable picture.

Choosing the right location for pledging your love is the first step in the creation of an elegant wedding.

Sardinia and Rome are highly sought-after locations for Destination Weddings. They abound with unexpected spots, perfect for a fascinating ceremony: terraces overlooking the sea, vineyards in the midst of the countryside, endless beaches, historical villas and stately palaces.

The installations and décor, in keeping with the theme we have chosen together and our fully detailed project, will give the right touch of class to your ceremony and reception. Pleasing-coloured floral decorations, sophisticated table settings on soft tablecloths, and light effects adorning the gardens and walls, will embrace your wedding in a warm and refined atmosphere.