Installations in large venues

Your gaze soars upwards; it lingers on painted ceilings and dances amidst hanging decorations that run along halls and corridors embracing art and imagination


Every installation, whether big or small, tells a story, an emotion.

Projects are planned to the smallest detail. They decorate walls and columns, playing with volumes, heights and perspectives that enthral both children and adults alike.


Over the years I have specialised in installations set up in Shopping Centres dedicated to the seasons or to special occasions like Christmas.


Decorating a Shopping Centre means giving painstaking attention to space and size, to colour, and to the layout of choreographies. Utmost importance also needs to be given to safety rules, store requirements and visual impact.


In Shopping Centres everything is big…very big, and it takes a lot of imagination to catch the visitor’s attention and turn it into an emotion.


From the creative idea, to the sketch on paper, through to the creation of the props, décor and actual installation, the staff of my atelier directly and with thorough care follow all the steps needed to turn a normal environment into an enchanted reality.