Installations and Emotions

A harmonious and dynamic setting embraces the nuptial ceremony and welcomes its guests. A creative and balanced environment where every single detail will astonish and thrill.

Threads of light interlace with soft fabrics, the gaze is lost in a dance of colours, flowers and crystal on the table.

Marriage is a journey that starts from way back.

It starts from the heartfelt declaration between the future bride and groom, through to the shared joy with relatives and friends. Emotions guide the way, shaping the time and space that will embrace the ceremony.

The setting becomes the common thread of your love story, unfolding itself slowly through different but perfectly matching, original installations, like the chords of a melody.

The theme you choose will give me the inspiration to fashion and give shape to customised and innovative settings which will amaze both you and your guests.

The matching and study of details, as well as the combination of different elements, is driven by my intimate belief that quantity doesn’t equate to quality.

It’s the balancing between different heights, sizes, shapes and colours, together with the dynamism that brings them to life, that create an enthralling venue, embellished with simple yet elegant details that will live on in everyone’s memory.