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Invent Your Wedding

Admiring the setting of a nuptial ceremony, choosing splendid clothes for the bride and groom, imagining and planning the most beautiful day of your life. The first edition of Invent Your Wedding was extremely successful: over 60 operators from the wedding industry, many visitors from all over Sardinia and a shooting with a stunning visual

Fairytale Carnival

The most famous fairytales, their settings and unforgettable characters loved by children and adults alike, came to life in Fairytale Carnival. The event recreated an enchanted world, reawakening childhood emotions and turning bedtime stories into real life. Mary Poppins, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland and The Little Prince came to life against cheerful sceneries and

Cartoon Carnival

Spiderman, Captain America, Iron Man and Wonder Woman. Featuring acrobatic displays among the public, souvenir photos and performances, Marvel’s superheroes animated Cartoon Carnival, an event dedicated to the most famous characters of Marvel comics. Fun, entertainment and break dance thrilled the visitors, surrounded by themed props spread across open spaces and galleries. Families gazed up

Carnival chic

A dive into Carnival, from its theatrical origins to its present-day forms, the result of widely assorted cultures and traditions yet bound by a common passion for fun and joy. Carnival Chic surprised both adults and children alike with its vibrant, striking and dynamic atmosphere, full of colours, fabrics, lights and music. It fully recreated

Crafts and Craftsmanship

Creativity, the desire to discover and invent something new. This is the spark that inspires craftsmen, the protagonists of Crafts and Craftsmanship: an event providing an invaluable snapshot of an evolving sector that thrives on research and creativity. Half artists, half manual workers, craftsmen give shape to the inspiration of their souls and minds, creating

Let’s Da-Dance

The fascinating, interplaying gazes of tango, the sequins of the Waltz and the Charleston, the sophisticated rigour of classical ballet and the rhythm of hip hop, can-can and Latin dances. The entire world of dance – with all its different, complex styles – captivated the audience of Let’s Da-Dance. On a large stage designed in

An Invitation to the Opera

A sophisticated yet simple and captivating event conceived to help the public become acquainted with the marvellous world of theatre in its most complex and noble expression: Opera. From La Traviata to Carmen, from Madame Butterfly to The Merry Widow, through to West Side Story: the productions, operettas and most famous musicals were brought to

Style Events

An exhibition event on how costume and fashion changed between the 1920s and the 1970s. A vibrant and lively journey among styles and trends leading the public into the recent past. Highlighting the unique and original style of these periods, the event invited visitors to rediscover their creativity and personality, and go against the modern