Environment and Installation Design

Studying, creating and balancing every aspect to achieve a well-balanced and fascinating final result

Organising a wedding also means designing the environment which has the power to capture and move your guests.

Starting from the location where the nuptial ceremony takes place, which is the guests’ first approach with the solemn wedding atmosphere, through to the reception venue, with its joyful and friendly atmosphere, where space and lights are enhanced and where the guests can chat and enjoy themselves in special surroundings.

Many pieces need to be put together for a balanced and elegant overall picture. Space layout, flower selection and arrangement, lighting, and fabrics, in a perfect combination of heights, sizes, shapes and colours.

There are no standards or models. Whether the setting is creative and imaginative, or minimal and austere, the keyword is always customising, so that every creation will mirror the taste and soul of the bride and groom who chose it and built it together with me, with unmistakable style.