Details make the difference

The details in a ceremony reveal the care taken in choosing the right venue and weave the threads of the wedding theme you have chosen. They narrate the joy in receiving and sharing the unforgettable emotion of a special day with the people you love most

Whether you choose a religious or civil ceremony, a celebration in a villa or on the beach, it’s the details that give shape to a nuptial ceremony, making it unique for the bride and groom and for all those who have come to see them united.

Like the shots of an art film, the details will slowly reveal the theme of the ceremony and will astound your guests from their entrance through to the celebration.

They will be welcomed by a delightful flower arrangement, where splashes of colour blend with soft fabrics. Small, precious cones held in their hands will spread rice and joy. Those very same hands during the reception will lift chalices from elegant tables, embellished with small bouquets and centrepieces all made by hand by my staff.

The Wedding Cake, lit up by pearls of light and set in an arch of flowers, will fill you with the excitement of having reached your goal and will mark the start of joyful celebrations.

Guests will receive charming wedding favours at the end of the reception, as a symbol of gratitude and as an invitation to share with you, now and for the rest of their lives, the thrill of your most beautiful day.