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Heart in Sardinia

Nature has been generous with Sardinia: a land of enchantment and contrasts which enhance colours and sentiments. The perfect place to come together and celebrate the love of your life. Sunsets turning all shades from red to turquoise, fields of intensely scented Mediterranean scrub and soft dunes of endless golden sand. It’s a beauty without

Gulf of Orosei – Unspoiled Beaches

This sea generously offers colours, scents and sensations. Far from the glitzy worldliness and from the most popular tourist places, it is located near those beaches which are so private yet so incredibly appealing. Among all beaches, the most remarkable is Cala Luna with its transparent iridescent waters, ranging from a thousand colours.

Where in Sardinia

Where in Sardinia My in-depth local knowledge, gained through decades of experience in the wedding field, allows me to offer you a wide range of impressive settings which will be the perfect frame for Your Wedding. Selected locations, villas, historic houses, hotels of the highest level. I’ll be really happy to accompany you to personally

Maddalena Archipelago – The Carabbean Mediterranean

Clear waters, dramatic backdrops, beaches hidden in small coves make this strip of land one of the most fascinating in the world. The archipelago consists of seven beautiful islands and over 60 islets of granitic origin emerging from the crystal clear waters ranging from turquoise to emerald to deep blue. Established as a National Park

Wedding Planner Sardegna : Storia di una amore nato in Sardegna, il ruolo del Wedding Planner

Se dovessi racchiudere in una frase la storia di questo fascio di rose o se dovessi donargli un nome, questo serebbe “LEI è IL MIO MONDO”. E’ così che è iniziata la storia di Adam ed Katrina…, ma la verità è che non ho saputo mai e forse mai lo saprò, come questa storia è

San Pantaleo – Another Sardinia

Geographically close to the emerald beaches, it has a truly glamorous atmosphere detached from the worldliness “coast-life” of the most famous Porto Rotondo and Porto Cervo. Quality of life, traditions and strategic position are critical to the success of this town that suddenly materializes among the granite peaks.

Nora – Chia – Between history and nature

Suspended between sky and sea, nuragic findings and rocky headlands, you can admire sandy fair beaches and ponds where pink flamingos go, barren and uninhabited islets and cliffs overlooking the cobalt sea, where, in the highest point, a lighthouse makes you feel “on top of the horizon.

Island of Carloforte – Colours and smells

Of Ligurian origin , it is a 30-40 minute boat crossing from Calasetta or Portoscuso. Its shores are high and rocky, washed by a clear blue sea, with a rich Mediterranean vegetation: myrtle, cistus, arbutus, erika, … Here you can find the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches of Sardinia.

Cagliari – The Seaside City

On the one hand ponds and salt flats with their famous pink flamingos; behind that, the mountains which shape the semicircular outline of the coast; in the middle, the city standing with its castle. Around all this, the beautiful sea, swept by constant wind and with the sunlight that embeds it between earth and sky.

Stintino – The last strip of Sardinian land

In the extreme north of Sardinia there is one of the most beautiful beaches in the region, “la Pelosa”: white fine sandy beach, turquoise-blue sea with very shallow water, wild and unspoiled nature: one of the most beautiful seas in the Mediterranean.