All about Tradition

Religious weddings are still highly requested because of their solemn beauty and of their gestures and moments, which are always joyful and heart-warming.

 The slow entrance down the aisle, the gazes following you all the way to the altar where the love of your life is waiting for you. Straight from the first steps, a religious ceremony is a solemn celebration, featuring shared reflection during the homily and intimate prayer during the rite, then set free with the classical throwing of rice when the bride and groom exit the church and start their new life together.

The groom waits for the bride at the altar in a tastefully decorated church providing the perfect setting for the elegant exchange of the wedding vows.

This is where the theme you have chosen appears for the first time, set like a jewel in the architecture of the building that will host your ceremony. An austere Romanesque church, a sumptuous baroque altar or an open-air consecrated space with a rustic touch to it: whatever the place you choose, it will be enhanced by the floral décor playing with heights, volumes and colours to embrace you in your most beloved moment.

Intense background music – including classical melodies or original compositions that can be performed live or not – will thrill your guests and accompany you along the way to the new life waiting for you. This is just one of the bespoke services that we can choose together.