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Wedding organization in Sardinia


The passion for beauty, the attention to detail, the desire to speak to the heart. My journey in the organisation of events and environment design in the beautiful land of Sardinia starts exactly from here.

Welcoming a dream, forging it with imagination and passion, turning it into something real: this is my job, my mission. A magic that has kept going for twenty years, every time I create an event, organise a wedding or design an environment in the splendid land of Sardinia and in the fascinating city of Rome.

The careful planning of each and every detail combined with an original touch are the result of skills gained on the field and countless training courses, in an ongoing search for elegant, creative and tailor-made solutions.

My love for beauty does the rest. Beauty – the relentless companion in the journey I share with you, whether spouses, parents or clients – is key when listening to your desires, developing them with expertise, excellent taste and flexibility, and then turning them into emotions.

Each wedding wearing the signature of Paola Repetto Consoli is a guarantee of success, thanks to my experience, to the expertise of my suppliers, and to the love and dedication I put into my work.


Paola Repetto Consoli

For over 10 years I’ve worked in the field of weddings, specializing as a Wedding Planner, Flower Designer and Event Planner.

The outstanding feature of my work is to provide, together with the organizational support of the event – planning, coordination, etc. – a range of services from the graphics – printing of invitations, menus, mass booklets, seating arrangement, etc. – to the flower arrangements, the wedding bonbonnieres, the bouquet, etc.. All of these services are carried out directly by my company, with clear advantages for customers. In this way, in fact, you will overstep a passage; therefore, offering these services will come at a very advantageous price without the burden of intermediaries, and that is typical of each Wedding Planner.

To my extensive experience on the field – I started my business in 2001 – I combine the competence and professionalism acquired during my university studies – I graduated in Economics and Business Management – and during countless internships – I belong to a school of master florists.

On the one hand I am convinced that nothing may be improvised, on the other, I believe that the current market situation requires seriousness and professionalism.

Inspiration, creativity and good taste are always combined with the technique and the study of different solutions, both aesthetically and economically speaking.

I directed the creation of so many weddings in Cagliari, Sardinia and Rome always focusing on the balance between originality and simplicity, being sure that style is always a matter of details.

My strength is passion, lived with imagination, precision and competence

Paola Repetto Consoli - Wedding Planner Sardegna


Each professional has their own style and working methods. The main objective is the satisfaction of the spouses.

Listening to their needs, understanding their taste, entering progressively into empathy with them is the task of a Wedding Planner. In my professional experience I first of all carry out the important function of listening, followed by the elaboration of a project, the planning phase. It is at this point that the idea – maybe initially confused – of the spouses takes shape and begins to materialize. And the bride and groom begin to dream.

This phase of elaborate design based on the indications of the spouses is essential. Here the skills of the professional are put to a test. My goal is not simply to make a floral arrangement or sell some nice wedding bonbonnieres, but to create a full setting in which the spouses can identify and the guests are surprised by its originality and beauty.

If, entering a church or a venue for receptions, both the guests and spouses feel “touched”, then, as a professional, I’d have reached my goal and hit the finish line, because I’d have entered their emotional side, amazed and moved them.