Weddings in Sardinia

Let your dreams inspire the direction of your special day

For your Weddings in Sardinia, whether intimate or grand, classic or one-of-a-kind, my work as a Wedding Planner & Designer always stems from your wishes and from my ability to listen and shape your vision, allowing me to create simple but high-quality and stunning projects that will always reflect your personality.

A ceremony at sunset on the beach or in the countryside surrounded by the scents of a vineyard. Or a celebration in a church set up to respect and enhance its architectural lines.

Brides and grooms who choose Sardinia for their Wedding do so for thousands of different reasons. For the colours and transparency of its crystal-clear sea, the unspoiled charm of its coastline, the scents of its countryside, the ceaseless blowing of the wind, and the blue hue of the sky that fills your heart.

The Land of Sardinia is wild and bewitching; you can’t escape its charm once you’ve been here.

I help many future brides and grooms every year to make their dream of getting married in Sardinia come true.

They come from different countries. Many of them come back for their holidays, others for their anniversary, almost as if bound by an invisible thread that forever connects them to this harsh but inexpressibly attractive and gentle land.

My thorough knowledge of the area, gained through over twenty years of experience as a Wedding Planner & Designer in Sardinia, allows me to offer a wide array of charming venues and settings for your Wedding in Sardinia.

Matrimoni in Sardegna - Paola Repetto Consoli