Wedding Proposals

My mission is to design, plan and deliver unique and unforgettable weddings capable of moving the spouses and their guests

Not all couples have the same needs or all equally love entrusting a Wedding Planner.

For this reason, the bride and groom can choose the proposal they wish and that best suits their needs.

From simple advice in choosing the wedding theme, to the selection of the location for the wedding reception, to the floral arrangements or wedding bonbonnieres.

To give some examples, I have designed four different interchangeable proposals, able to meet the needs of the spouses to be.

Proposal Daisy
After a first exploratory meeting, the spouses decide to accept advice in the choice of the wedding theme, while remaining themselves responsible for all the operational sphere.

In this case, the Wedding Planner would play some sort of management at a distance without checking on the work performed by the various organizers.

This proposal is suitable for couples who want to rely on outside help while maintaining the control and management of the operational part.




Proposal Rose
In this case, the spouses decide to rely on the Wedding Planner to be assisted in the selection of one or more “wedding accessories”: invitations, menus, Mass booklets, seating arrangement, wedding bonbonnieres.

This requires them having already chosen their wedding theme.
In my showroom they will find a wide range of these accessories that can be customized on the basis of the information provided.

This proposal is suitable for couples who, having identified the theme, want to implement it.

The craftsmanship and customization of the proposals is what makes the difference.


Proposal Agapanthus
In this case, the spouses rely on my experience to plan the floral arrangements at the Church and / or wedding reception.

Through the vision of a large collection of photographs, the spouses can choose which setting comes closest to their desires and aesthetic needs and budget.

After a first exploratory meeting, I create a customized design.
This package is suitable for those who have already chosen the reception location and the Church, but would like a themed arrangement studied in detail.

My flower arrangements are characterized by originality, inspiration, creativity but above all …. elegance.



Proposal Orchid
This proposal is ideal for spouses who, after several introductory meetings, choose to rely on my help to be encouraged and assisted in the creation and organization of their event.

In this case I will personally take care of all services: advice on the design of the wedding theme, location, catering, church, make up and hair style, wedding bonbonnieres, invitations, mass booklets and menus, floral arrangements, mise en place, seating arrangement, sweets , cake design, photoshoot, videos and music.

In this case, the spouses decide not to leave anything to chance, but, starting from a certain budget, delegate the care of every detail without being overwhelmed by stress.

The entire organization of the wedding is entrusted to my Company, which, with professionalism and expertise will take care of everything.

All the spouses need to do is describe their dream … and oversee its implementation.

It is clear that every choice, every decision, will be communicated to the spouses who are and remain the only protagonists of their wedding.

Weddings arranged and cared for by my Company stand out for elegance and class, regardless of the budget.

Excellence relies on quality, style on attention to detail.