Wedding Accessories

Accessories are the touch that embellishes and completes a wedding

Each accessory stems from the creativity, technical skills and craftsmanship of my atelier.

An accessory starts with a sketch and is then brought to life by combining materials, techniques and colours, until forging an exquisite quality object to be remembered, treasured and used even after the reception.

Wedding Invitations. The bride and groom can choose among a wide range of classical, modern or romantic paper textures in delicate hues or pastel colours. We’ll craft your bespoke wedding invitation together.

Service booklets. Another priceless accessory is the service booklet which can be personalised and comes in different sizes and colours, again thanks to a wide range of paper textures and to original and sophisticated graphics.

Memory books. A great way to collect your guests’ words of wisdom and wishes, memory books can be created to fit your wedding colour scheme and style.

Wedding seating board. A strategic, yet simple tool that will help you organise the reception more efficiently and help guests find their seat at the table more easily. Seating boards can be customised in many different ways; they can follow the wedding theme and be crafted with original and elegant details.

Bride’s bouquet, bridesmaids’ bracelets, buttonhole flowers. The flower decorations are the first impression guests have at a ceremony. The colours and perfumes nestled in the greenery, and the well-balanced and striking shapes combined with skilful and delicate craftsmanship are key aspects for an elegant wedding, whatever its style or theme.

Wedding favours. The bride and groom give favours to their guests to say goodbye and thank them. Holding delicious sugared almonds or other confectionery, they can be kept by guests as a lasting memory of the ceremony, home decoration or accessory. They are designed and made by hand in my atelier.

Fun facts. Accessories are items that can enhance photos. So matching socks for the best men are more than welcome, as well as umbrellas for the bridesmaids completing their outfit, ribboned fans decorating the ceremony chairs, or soap bubbles during the traditional throwing of the rice! And plenty of other ideas to hearten your wedding day!



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