Your dream is mine

A passion for beauty, the attention to detail and the desire to thrill.
This is where my journey into organising events and weddings in the beautiful land of Sardinia starts from.
Wedding planning is a complex and intricate process with an ambitious goal: making a dream come true.

My activity starts by carefully listening to the future bride and groom and building deep empathy with them.
Understanding their needs, wishes and tastes, means interpreting their “idea” of marriage.
This idea is at times confused, other times quite clear.
It is in defining this idea and then implementing it that a Wedding Planner can make the difference.
“Buying” many different services, even from excellent professionals, without a guiding idea is one thing, while accurately planning each step of your wedding, enhancing it with details and services that work seamlessly and in harmony with one another, following a common thread, is a completely different matter.
If you want a wedding to become utterly unforgettable and one-of-a-kind, it needs to have its own flair, its own style and a mood that reflects the bride and groom, and their personalities and unique qualities.
This is the added value that I can offer brides and grooms.

The value of experience

As a Wedding Planner & Designer, after 20 years’ experience throughout the region (and beyond) and hundreds of weddings planned, my strength lies in my ability to customise the events I organise.

I plan my weddings drawing on my in-depth knowledge of design, on a portfolio of competent and qualified suppliers, and on my skills and expertise in flower composition and lighting techniques.

I provide all-round wedding solutions through a well-defined process.


Let's walk together towards a common goal

My work starts with a meeting (real or virtual) with the bride and groom. The next step consists of interpreting their needs and tastes, and then developing the wedding project. Every aspect of the project (location, catering, flower and lighting elements, music, entertainment, transport, hair and make-up, etc.) is specifically designed and defined for the couple, and all depends on the setting they want for their ceremony and reception, and on the budget they have set aside.
The next organisational and operational stage needs to be attended to with great care and thoughtfulness.
Nothing is left to chance.
Everything is planned down to the smallest detail. Every aspect is studied and checked several times because this is a once in a lifetime event and can’t be repeated.
My problem-solving skills, supported by a long-lasting experience, means that I am always able to prevent or immediately solve any unexpected problems that arise.

Why choose me

Since I am not only a Wedding Planner but also a Wedding Designer, I personally carry out a number of operational activities (flower arrangements, lighting effects, and the designing and printing of paper items), which leads to advantages in terms of prices but above all for the high-quality and unique services provided.
The perception of the person listening to the bride and groom is exactly the same as the person who prepares the project and directly creates certain elements of it: this person is always me, supported by my staff.
Attending directly to these services, which usually regard the flower and lighting elements of the wedding, means that no third-parties are involved and that there is no risk of the bride and groom’s requests not being fully met or not living up to expectations.
In other words, being a Wedding Designer allows me not only to conceive unique wedding plans but also to create and develop parts of them (as mentioned, the flower arrangements, lighting effects, and the designing and printing of paper items). It’s as if I were my own supplier for these services (that’s how costs can be brought down, as explained above).
Of course, the bride and groom are free to choose other suppliers and whenever they do, I always deal with all planning, coordination and management aspects of the event with great enthusiasm.

The ``must`` of my job: to personalize

It is only through bespoke solutions that weddings can cease to be conventional and become unforgettable and one-of-a-kind.
After so many years of experience, if I didn’t have this ability to characterise and customise every single detail, I would end up organising very similar, if not practically the same weddings.

Every wedding I organise is a challenge to improve, to stand out and to go beyond what I have already done.
When creativity is combined with operational expertise, the result is a winner.
Not because I’m the one who’s winning. The winner is the emotion of the bride and groom who are making their dream come true, the expression of amazement on the faces of the guests who have never seen or enjoyed such a beautiful wedding, the memory of an event that people still talk about years later, and the photos immortalising magical settings and situations.

In a single word, the winner is customisation.