Destination wedding

The magic of an island with a millennial history, the mystery of wild places, the endless shades of the sea and sky.

Rising in the heart of the Mediterranean, the entire island of Sardinia offers forever changing settings and an abundance of romantic locations: the perfect place for a Destination Wedding.

Here you’ll find a place that will speak to your heart, where you can crown the most important dream of your life and where you can say ‘I Do’ facing the endless sea, on a golden beach or in a sacred place visited by the Templars, amidst the lush green landscape of the Mediterranean scrub, embraced by the singing wind or welcomed by solemn, ancient churches.

Wherever you cast your gaze, emotions start to flourish. The location you choose will be enhanced with an original and creative décor which respectfully completes the beauty that nature offers.

This is how your dream and our shared project will blend with the generous land of Sardinia, adorned in its pure and welcoming beauty, like only a true home can be.


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