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Environment and Installation Design

Studying, creating and balancing every aspect to achieve a well-balanced and fascinating final result Organising a wedding also means designing the environment which has the power to capture and move your guests. Starting from the location where the nuptial ceremony takes place, which is the guests’ first approach with the solemn wedding atmosphere, through to

Installations in large venues

Your gaze soars upwards; it lingers on painted ceilings and dances amidst hanging decorations that run along halls and corridors embracing art and imagination   Every installation, whether big or small, tells a story, an emotion. Projects are planned to the smallest detail. They decorate walls and columns, playing with volumes, heights and perspectives that

Invent Your Wedding

Admiring the setting of a nuptial ceremony, choosing splendid clothes for the bride and groom, imagining and planning the most beautiful day of your life. The first edition of Invent Your Wedding was extremely successful: over 60 operators from the wedding industry, many visitors from all over Sardinia and a shooting with a stunning visual

Fairytale Carnival

The most famous fairytales, their settings and unforgettable characters loved by children and adults alike, came to life in Fairytale Carnival. The event recreated an enchanted world, reawakening childhood emotions and turning bedtime stories into real life. Mary Poppins, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland and The Little Prince came to life against cheerful sceneries and