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Il rito della velazione

Capita spesso, che gli sposi mi esprimano il desiderio di voler arricchire la propria cerimonia di nozze di ulteriori momenti toccanti e significativi. Tale desiderio difficilmente potrà essere esaudito se la cerimonia è religiosa, poiché ferreamente disciplinata dal codice del diritto canonico e dalle altre norme della Chiesa cattolica. In realtà, esiste la possibilità di

Wedding Cake

The Wedding cake marks the beginning of the party. After the cutting of the cake the “festive” part of the reception begins, therefore, this moment should be given the right importance. I’ll help you to choose the best professional chef, but the scenery will be all mine! Strings of flowers, soft light, delicate optical fibers,

Wedding Settings

The creation of an event comes from the identification of a theme and passes through the elaboration of a project. The ultimate goal is the creation of a setting – made ??of flowers, lights, tables properly set, etc. – which is the one thing that makes a permanent mark in everyone’s memory. The creation of

Wedding in Exclusive location

The success of a wedding depends on many factors, in particular on the setting and atmosphere that you manage to create, therefore, on the place that you choose for your reception. The location should reflect the needs of the couple, but it must also be suitable to the guests in terms of accessibility, distance, warmth

Wedding by the Sea

The waves slowly dance on the white sand enfolding a turquoise horizon. Beach weddings lure you into contemplating nature and love, as well as being one of the trendiest wedding choices of the past years. Sardinia boasts countless small bays nestled in the Mediterranean sea or large golden beaches where a sober but outstanding décor

Wedding at a Lighthouse

Lighthouses are among the favourite locations for a wedding in Sardinia and are always a source of wonder. From a cliff dropping sheer to the sea and breathtaking views, through to meandering paths surrounded by the intoxicating aroma of the Mediterranean scrub, nature in its wild and thriving essence becomes the protagonist alongside the bride

Wedding in a Vineyard

The bucolic atmosphere of an autumn’s day, amidst earthy fragrances and the colours of ripe grapes. A nuptial ceremony among the vineyards of the laborious Sardinian countryside is ideal for contemplating and for rediscovering your affections and the fullness and simplicity of life with a rural and loving décor, in harmony with the heartening geometry

Wedding in a Villa

A sumptuous ceremony, on perfectly tended lawns, against the backdrop of an ancient palace. A wedding in a historical villa will enthral guests with its enchanting premises and is a perfect combination of luxury, rigour and elegance. Enhanced with bespoke décor, this is a perfect setting for organising a classical or original, intimate or magnificent

Wedding in Rome

The great glories of the past, endless landscapes, the solemn and captivating atmosphere that only the Eternal City can give you. Getting married in Rome is a true dream that turns into reality amidst ancient churches of unblemished beauty, exclusive villas and wonderful gardens, where you can celebrate late into the night and breathe in