The passion for beauty, the attention to detail, the desire to speak to the heart.

My journey in the organisation of events and environment design in the beautiful land of Sardinia starts exactly from here.

Welcoming a dream, forging it with imagination and passion, turning it into something real: this is my job, my mission. A magic that has kept going for twenty years, every time I create an event, organise a wedding or design an environment in the splendid land of Sardinia and in the fascinating city of Rome.


The careful planning of each and every detail combined with an original touch are the result of skills gained on the field and countless training courses, in an ongoing search for elegant, creative and tailor-made solutions.


My love for beauty does the rest. Beauty – the relentless companion in the journey I share with you, whether spouses, parents or clients – is key when listening to your desires, developing them with expertise, excellent taste and flexibility, and then turning them into emotions.


Each wedding wearing the signature of Paola Repetto Consoli is a guarantee of success, thanks to my experience, to the expertise of my suppliers, and to the love and dedication I put into my work.



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