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Wedding in Beach Some advice on what to do: 1 Decide a location for your wedding. There are plenty of places available in Sardinia. Some might prefer to get married in Cagliari, a classic place to get married or to Cala Luna between exotic beaches and wilderness. But there are so many different places, here Read more ..

Stintino – The last strip of Sardinian land In the extreme north of Sardinia there is one of the most beautiful beaches in the region, “la Pelosa”: white fine sandy beach, turquoise-blue sea with very shallow water, wild and unspoiled nature: one of the most beautiful seas in the Mediterranean.

Porto Paglia – Ancient trap (tuna-fishing nets) Superb scenery and a blast from the past made of traditions linked to the sea and its rites. Coves, cliffs, dunes, dominated by the architectures of the ancient trap. Clear green and deep sea and a spectacular scenery.

Alghero – A Little Barcelona Everything speaks of Catalonia “the faces, the houses, the sound of voices, the language itself” (Gaston Vuillier). The charm of Alghero lies not only in its rugged coastline, in its crystal clear sea, in its bold and strong colours, in its fascinating nature, but also in its historical witnesses and Read more ..

Wedding Location Once you have selected the place that will be the perfect frame to Your wedding, you can move to the next step – the selection of the locations for the ceremony and reception, lunch or dinner, whatever you decide. It is clear that the choice is very wide; however, among all possibilities offered, you Read more ..

Where in Sardinia My in-depth local knowledge, gained through decades of experience in the wedding field, allows me to offer you a wide range of impressive settings which will be the perfect frame for Your Wedding. Selected locations, villas, historic houses, hotels of the highest level. I’ll be really happy to accompany you to personally visit Read more ..

Island of Carloforte – Colours and smells
 Of Ligurian origin , it is a 30-40 minute boat crossing from Calasetta or Portoscuso. Its shores are high and rocky, washed by a clear blue sea, with a rich Mediterranean vegetation: myrtle, cistus, arbutus, erika, … Here you can find the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches of Read more ..

Nora – Chia – Between history and nature
 Suspended between sky and sea, nuragic findings and rocky headlands, you can admire sandy fair beaches and ponds where pink flamingos go, barren and uninhabited islets and cliffs overlooking the cobalt sea, where, in the highest point, a lighthouse makes you feel “on top of the horizon.

Fascinating scenery and natural landscape, this is one of the most popular places of Sardinia and the Mediterranean. Landscapes of exceptional beauty, with an intensity of colours able to “bewitch” the visitor. Heavenly beaches and coves, sublime backdrops to be explored, rich Mediterranean vegetation. This underwater landscape wonder is considered a Marine Protected Area of Read more ..

Costa rei – One of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world Clear beaches, fine sand, picturesque coves, unspoiled crystal clear sea (needless to say!). In short, 10 km of coastline with breathtaking views. In 2009 the city was awarded the “Travel blogger award” from the famous publisher Lonely Planet that includes Costa Rey Read more ..